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LVCC welcomed Sensei Joe Kortbawi of Leading Edge Martial Arts for a special martial arts class at four of our Nazareth and Easton after-school programs. Over 145 students actively participated in learning basic karate techniques which instilled character-building skills like discipline, respect and self confidence. The goal of the program was to learn ways to stop a bully without resorting to violence.

Children who react to antagonism or have trouble sticking up for themselves may become targets for bullying. Bullies often pick on someone they view as less powerful. Practicing a few practical self defense moves in a safe, positive environment will increase a child's self esteem.

"When children exhibit confidence and self-control, they are far less likely to become victims of bullying," explained Sensei Joe.

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Standing at attention was one of the first stances learned, and the most important when listening to the instructor. Each move required focus and coordination.

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The first rule of fitness - warm up your body through stretching exercises to prevent injury.

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Working with a partner, the children practiced basic karate kicks and punches (with no physical contact) under Sensei Joe's instruction. He showed the children fundamental moves to get out of a hold when grabbed from the front.

Through role-play scenarios, the children became empowered by using body language and their voice. By getting help from friends or adults, the children learned to defuse a bullying situation. The program encouraged conflict resolution, using physical self-defense only as a last resort. This program was made possible by donors to the Program Enrichment Fund.