Fire Truck Stones Crossing

Does your child know what to do when he hears the sound of a smoke alarm?

October is National Fire Prevention Month. To sound the alarm on awareness, a number of LVCC sites held activities promoting fire safety. LVCC at Stones Crossing in Easton had a special visit from the Palmer Municipal Fire Department this week.

During the visit, the firemen spoke to the toddlers and preschoolers about the importance of smoke alarms and what to do if they hear an alarm. Simple safety techniques like “stop, drop and roll” were introduced.

“Firefighters in full equipment look and sound very intimidating to a small child,” explained Virginia Housman, center director of LVCC at Stones Crossing. “We decided it was important for the children to see the firemen in their regular clothing putting on the gear so they learn NOT to be afraid. We want the children to understand it is a person under all that gear and they shouldn’t hide in a fire emergency.”

The firemen let the children listen to the breathing apparatus and look at the mask. They explained how the uniform allows the firefighters to stay safe. While dressed in full gear, they gave the youngsters high fives to show they are friendly.

After the presentation, the children gathered outside to see the fire truck. They climbed aboard the truck to explore inside. When the sirens wailed, the children barely contained their excitement.

Each child received an activity book and their very own fire hat to take home. The activity book helped children to better retain the lessons, as well as involve the entire family in the effort to make homes safer from fire.

Thank you to our community helpers at the Palmer Township Municipal Fire Department!

The Palmer Municipal Fire Department is hosting an open house with live demonstrations and hands-on activities for the little ones.

Fire Prevention Open House
October 10, 2015
10 AM - 3 PM
Fire Station #1
3254 Old Nazareth Road

For more information on fire safety information and activities for children, visit the National Fire Protection Association.