Your Preschooler is Independent and Imaginative!

Our preschool classrooms encourage young learners to explore the environment and work with interesting materials. Classrooms are spacious with learning centers for activities such as art, dramatic play, math and science, block building, manipulative toys, reading and computer technology. Each day includes teacher-guided class activities as well as opportunities for children to learn and play independently.

In the preschool program, your child will begin to develop organization, self-control and self-awareness, and build pre-reading and pre-writing skills. Preschoolers also learn about being a friend and getting along with other children and adults. During daily outdoor play, children have fun and build strength as they climb, run, balance, throw, pedal and jump.

Teachers serve as guides and supporters, preparing a stimulating environment, observing and interacting with the children while posing additional challenges to expand each child’s world.

Our Staff

LVCC ensures that each center is staffed by experienced, degreed teachers. Our teachers are both professional educators and nurturing caregivers who protect and value each child.  We recruit and retain the best employees and provide them with ongoing training and development opportunities.

Our Curriculum

The Creative Curriculum for Preschool® guides our teachers as they tailor classroom activities to meet the developmental needs, abilities and unique interests of each child. The curriculum is aligned with local school district curricula and Pennsylvania Early Learning Standards. For children who will soon start kindergarten, LVCC collaborates with local school districts in planning special activities to help make the transition positive.

The following LVCC locations offer preschool programs: