Your Toddler is Curious and Energetic!

In LVCC’s stimulating and supportive environment, toddlers are eager to investigate materials that appeal to their senses. They are encouraged to expand on vocabulary, increase creativity, cooperate with others and increase self-awareness and decision-making skills.

Toddlers participate in activities such as story time, singing, comparison games and finger play. They are encouraged to investigate areas which contain manipulative toys, blocks, books, dress up and art activities. Weather permitting, toddlers enjoy outdoor play daily.

Our Staff

LVCC ensures that each center is staffed by experienced, degreed teachers. Our teachers are both professional educators and nurturing caregivers who protect and value each child. We recruit and retain the best employees and provide them with ongoing training and development opportunities.

Our Curriculum

The Creative Curriculum for Infants & Toddlers® is used in all LVCC classrooms to tailor our programs to meet the developmental needs, abilities and unique interests of each child.

The following LVCC locations offer toddler care: 

* LVCC at Allen High School offers services exclusively for the children of students currently enrolled in the Allentown School District