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Parent Testimonials

"...I am writing to express my thanks to the teachers and leadership at the Union Blvd location. My children attended this location from infancy until the end of this past March when we moved out of the area. There are so many wonderful teachers at this location that my children love and miss. Even amid the chaos of the pandemic and all of the additional restrictions and changes to daily operations at the center, we were well informed and it was obvious the staff, especially Miss Annette, were burning the candle at both ends to keep the children safe and cared for.

     I specifically wanted to send this email to commend my son’s preschool teacher, Miss Kathy. He came home daily talking about all of the fun activities they did and by the time we moved he was able to recognize every letter of the alphabet, identify sight words, begin to sound out beginner words, can count to 100 and can do basic addition and subtraction and he doesn’t turn 5 until June. He recently attended a kindergarten screening for his new elementary school that he will be attending in the fall and the teachers noted that he had scored the highest of all of the children they had seen and that he was fully prepared to take on kindergarten successfully. He would not have this level of readiness if not for Miss Kathy and the excellent work she did with Lucas and his classmates. I felt it was important to share this message with the leaders at LVCC so you know firsthand from a very appreciative parent the great work she’s doing with the children in her care..."

- LVCC Union - Stacey Morrow

“The [dual-language preschool] program has really helped [Santiago] our son. He is more talkative and he is learning about letters, numbers, shapes, colors, and social skills. He enjoys the program and he is doing better at home, too. The no-cost program has been a big help to our family. I want to thank all the staff for all the help that our son gets – it means a lot to our family.”
- LVCC DLL Preschool Family

“I need to explain the impact that your organization has made on my family. I don’t worry about my son anymore. I know every single time I pick him up from the center it is nothing but smiles and good reports. He is making friends, which is something he has desired for a long time but wasn’t finding before. He is connecting with his teachers there. And most important, he is just a normal ten-year-old boy doing normal ten-year-old things, having normal ten-year-old emotions and feelings.”
- LVCC Truman - Kathleen Rohrbach

“I just wanted to recognize LVCC South Mountain and all the staff. I wanted to thank LVCC for everything they have done as a center for both of my kids. Everyone has always gone above and beyond for our family and it has not gone unnoticed.”
- LVCC South Mountain Family

“All the Pre-K Counts teachers that have worked with my son have allowed him to not only stay on track, but exceed what was expected of a child his age. That’s due to individual goal-setting and working together…When the last day that he would walk out of LVCC Union Blvd. arrived, it was both a sad and joyous time. Sad, because there were friends that had to be left behind. Joyous, because we were positive he would have a bright future because he had a great foundation.”            
- LVCC Union - Maisha Utterbach

“This has been the best experience my family has ever had and because of our teamwork my little boy is now ABLE to have conversations, not just words. He is ABLE to interact with peers, he is ABLE to share all these amazing educational facts we always knew he had in the sponge of a brain he has. He is ABLE to give eye contact and hold some focus to complete tasks, he is ABLE to read, write, cut, color, sing songs, play games and blend right in with his peers, and ALSO stand out in his own special way!!!  BUT MOST IMPORTANTLY HE (we all) FELT LOVED AND SUPPORTED!!!! Thank you to everyone who has been on this journey with us!”
- LVCC Wilson

“Leaving your children in someone else’s care is an extremely hard thing to do. Our son started child care when he was seven weeks old and our daughter, nine weeks old. Since day one LVCC has been nothing short of amazing. Every single teacher that has worked with my children has made me feel 100% comfortable. I will forever be grateful for EVERYTHING.”
- LVCC Monocacy - Meagan Andrews

“My children have been attending LVCC Union Blvd since they were both babies and I was very fortunate to receive scholarship assistance. During these unprecedented times of COVID-19, I, as an essential worker, still needed to work and was very grateful that my daughter was still eligible for the scholarship. It was a blessing that helped with lowering the cost of daycare. With my other child not able to attend kindergarten and also needing to attend the center, the scholarship helped reduce our financial burden. I would like to thank the supporters of the scholarship program and LVCC Union Blvd for the assistance provided to help alleviate some of the stress.”
- LVCC Union Family