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Young Toddler Program

(13 months to 24 months)

If you have a young toddler, you know how full of energy they are! Every day, your growing child’s life is filled with exploration and learning. This exciting time of a toddler’s development is characterized by the emergence of self-awareness. To support their developing sense of self, LVCC provides a nurturing educational environment for your young toddler to explore and grow.


           Interactive Classroom Experiences              

           Individualized Learning Centers

           Caring and Nurturing Staff


LVCC - Young Toddler Program

Our Teachers

Our Younger Toddler teachers are as active as your young explorers! Teachers help to guide learning experiences throughout the classroom while encouraging the use of vocabulary and social skills with peers. Teachers are interactive with every part of your young toddler’s day. From creating art to dancing to music, all aspects are centered around the energetic and enthusiastic learners within their classrooms.

LVCC - Young Toddler Program

Our Classrooms

Our Toddler classrooms are filled with materials to allow your child to explore, learn and socialize.  Interactive learning centers allow for dramatic (pretend) play experiences, fine and gross motor play, math, science, music and art, to just name a few!   The classroom set-up allows children to become independent and active learners. Teachers assist the exploration of learning centers, help facilitate new social skills, and provide experiences that build independence and self-confidence.

Creative Curriculum

Daily activities are created according to Pennsylvania State Learning Standards to ensure that all areas of development for each child are met and assessed through daily observations and interactions.  The Creative Curriculum offers children opportunities for hands-on exploration and discovery that help develop lifelong critical thinking skills and build confidence. By using the Creative Curriculum, teachers are given the tools they need to encourage and support all learners in a high-quality educational environment. 

Learning Through Play

We believe that children make sense of the world around them through play that is open-ended and child-initiated. Play helps children strengthen their language skills, and foster physical, social-emotional, and cognitive abilities. While children are engaged in play, our teachers play an important role in scaffolding and providing intentional interactions to further each child’s natural ability to learn through exploration. 

LVCC - Young Toddler Program

LVCC - Young Toddler Program
Building Friendships and Social Skills

Young Toddlers learn the concepts of sharing, taking turns and using their vocabulary to express their feelings during this age group.  We help children learn conflict resolution and promote self-regulation by creating predictable environments and schedules, providing consistency in the classroom, and giving plenty of opportunities to interact with their teachers and peers.