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Coaldale Child Care Locations

The Angela Theatre and former Coaldale High School complex are the site of Coaldale Complex, a recreation and early learning facility that serves as the partnership site for the Panther Valley School District and Lehigh Valley Children's Centers. Established in 1923, the former Coaldale High School was the borough's first school to offer a four-year program. The complex continues to be a vital part of the community as a preschool and recreational facility.   In 2019, the complex closed its doors to the only preschool offered in the area. LVCC and PVSD reopened the preschool classrooms in 2022, offering Pre-K Counts programs. In collaboration with the PVSD, this is LVCC's first program in Schuylkill County.

Coaldale - Coaldale, PA


150 W. Phillips St.
Coaldale, PA 18218
Phone:  570-393-7233

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